5-Step CashMaker Model Spreadsheet Download!

The cash-in section of your budget should include your A. assumptions (what you sell)  and B. estimated number of main things you expect to sell for one month. The cash-out section of your budget should include C. variable and fixed expenses, D. summary of your net profits (automatic), E. Metrics, or non-cash data.  Proceed with creating and selling your main thing(s) and use this basic budget to help you stay on track. Review in 30 days, make adjustments, budget for the next 30 days, rinse, repeat.


Adding structure to a creative business will help you monetize your idea more quickly and effectively. AND keep doing what you love to do. Of course, there is a lot of zigging and zagging to do, but use these 3ways to refocus. You can do this! 

Please download our complimentary Spreadsheet5-Step CashMaker Model and get started today!