Order the book Mary or Martha Power? Get Re-energized to Serve online now.  $3.00 for every physical book purchase is donated to Jacob’s Well.

Order the book Mary or Martha Power? Get Re-energized to Serve online now.  $3.00 for every physical book purchase is donated to Jacob’s Well.

Re-energize to Serve on the Front Lines of Poverty

Review the blessing and difficulties of a servant’s journey.

Poetry that enriches your heart

$3 from each physical book sold, donated to Jacob's Well

Are you discouraged as you work with those in need?

Do you think nothing is changing and it doesn’t matter any more?

When you read this book you will be reminded of your purpose and joy.

Mary or Martha Power? God’s Power.

The Mary/Martha story in the Bible is memorable…the one about Martha “doing” everything, preparing, and serving the meal

to guests, and complaining about Mary who was only “listening” to what Jesus was saying. You can find the story about Mary and Martha in the Bible in Luke 10:38-42.1

An ideal place of service and worship is where we can do both – we can serve, and we can take time out to listen.

Sometimes when we listen to other people, we hear and see Jesus. We learn first-hand what God’s Kingdom is all about.

Of all the things

Of all the things you will be,
The hardest to accept
Are the ones you will never become.

And when You do (become),
Get ready
To discover the limitless
World of hope ahead. 

by Angie B. Marik

These stories are very well illustrated by the empathy and real attempts made to find the right balance of resources, time, energy, and proper solutions of help for these people-using both business principles and Biblical truths – but always sprinkled with love and empathy.

Colleague at Jacob’s Well Memphis

I have been resentful of the story of Mary and Martha because I felt like Martha got a raw deal. She worked hard and  was rebuked for working hard. I didn’t “get it” until Nita said we could choose both. We can put ourselves in place to be a servant-leader AND be one sitting at the feet of Jesus. Thank you for that Nita!

Suzan David, Web Designer

Re-energize Your Servant-Leaders

The people who need help, help us as much as we help them. We are God’s family, and we are all called to serve.  This book is a collection of very short stories to restore your belief in the work you do on the front-lines of poverty.

How Can this Book Help You?

To get the most out of this book, you are encouraged to do three things:

Empathize with the blessing and difficulties of a servant’s journey.

Share the book with those who serve the poor and need new energy.

Write  about ministry to the poor and the lessons you have learned. Send them to Nita for possible inclusion in her next book.

Write Your Own Stories of Service

Sometimes we learn so much from those we serve. Write your stories to share with others. If you desire, send them to Nita. She will include a few in another book.

Use this Book as a Fundraiser

Nita is willing to make this book available to your organization as a fundraiser in your quest to help the needy.  Please contact Nita to find out how you can earn money for your group while sharing this book.

About the Authors

Nita Black, Author

Nita has authored several magazine and newspaper articles in the past and publishes a blog on her website NitaBlack.com. Mary or Martha Power? is her first book to be published. Nita assists several nonprofits as a volunteer to serve meals, provide transportation, and assist in clothing drives for those who live in poverty and/or on the streets of Memphis.

Angie B. Marik, Poet

Patent holder and strategic leader in the medical device industry, while raising her three girls Angie’s “sidebar” is writing poetry. To our readers, she says  “My heart has found a home in the presence of Jesus and family.  Wherever you are, my prayer is that you find refuge in His presence too!”

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