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Starting and growing your business can be easier. We’ll show you how.

Our services are tailored to help you scale your business. Here’s what we do for you:



We work with Business Owners to get ideas out of their head and into a clear, written plan that helps them focus on where they want to go and how they are going to get there.

Financial Record-keeping

We help Business Owners organize their QuickBooks and business documents to make better decisions.

MWBE Consulting

We help women and minority business owners obtain MWBE certification(s) and monitor contract opportunities to increase revenue.

Opportunity Zones

Establishing your business in an opportunity zone can help you defer capital gains tax. We work with you on this and other strategies that maximize your profits.

    • Business Planning for Start-ups and Growth Companies
    • Budgeting and Financial Forecasting
    • Process Improvement
    • Business Strategy Development
    • Accounting Record-keeping and QuickBooks Reviews
    • Financial Report Reviews
    • Turn-around Strategy Development and Implementation
    • Start-up Process Development
    • Online Strategy Development, Including Blog-writing, Email Marketing, E-Newletters, and Social Media
    • Strategic Planning for Non-Profits
    • Non-Profit Grant Search and Grant Writing
    • Commercial Collections

How to organize your business when working from home and why it matters

Business Owners Nita Has Helped Thrive

Nita has been my business advisor for several years.  Right from the start she helped me create a business plan that steered my business into an efficient and, ultimately, profitable direction.  Whenever challenges arise, even if they are minor, Nita is usually the first person I call to brainstorm through them.  I’m so glad to have her as a resource and would happily recommend her.

Shannon H.

Nita removes the fear and confusion often associated with learning complex business concepts. Because she knows what bankers want and why, Nita’s “business plan in a day” seminar series is a must-do for anyone starting a business, planning to apply for a loan, or needing strategic business consulting.

– Shelley B.

Nita helped me set clear financial goals for my photography business. She is very understanding of small businesses and her advice helped me set new goals for the coming year. Thank you!

– Lisa B.

Nita took on what I considered to be an overwhelming task, broke it into manageable pieces, and shepherded me across the finish line. Don’t tell her this, but she didn’t charge me nearly enough for what she did! 😉

–Bruce R.