Enjoy What You Do While Staying Organized

Understand Your Financial Reports and How to Use Them

Experience New Growth Opportunities as an MWBE

Growing and sustaining a business is incredibly difficult to do.

  • 50% of businesses fail within the first five years.
  • 80% of businesses that fail don’t have a written business plan.
  • Many owners who manage their cash flow by the checkbook balance (or credit card debt) don’t know what’s really happening in their business.
  • Most business owners don’t understand their numbers or how to use financial data to grow.
  • Most business owners are going it alone and don’t have a Trusted Business Expert to talk to.
  • Most business owners are challenged by limited cash flow and lack of profits.

Starting and growing your business can be easier. We’ll show you how.

Our services are tailored to help you scale your business. Here’s what we do for you:


We work with Business Owners to get ideas out of their head and into a clear, written plan that helps them focus on where they want to go and how they are going to get there.

Financial Record-keeping

We help Business Owners organize their QuickBooks and business documents to make better decisions.

MWBE Consulting

We help women and minority business owners obtain MWBE certification(s) and monitor contract opportunities to increase revenue.

We have helped hundreds of small businesses thrive.

Nita Black has been a Business Strategist for hundreds of small business owners, helping them make sense out of their numbers. Nita has helped clients get their ideas out of their head and in writing which resulted in more focus on business growth. Many owners set up their books when they first started the business but didn’t really know much about bookkeeping or they got behind on recording financial data every month.

In many cases, Nita has helped review and correct their books so that financial reports could be used to make better business decisions. Accurate information helped them in filing correct tax returns which in some cases were used by banks to make loan decisions. Nita’s purpose is to help businesses evolve into a profitable venture while restoring the initial freedom of owning a business. Nita has 20+ years’ business consulting experience and 20+ years’ corporate lending experience, having owned and invested in several businesses since 2000.

Business owners we’ve helped thrive.

Our process to get started is simple and easy.


We meet with business owners to discuss what’s heavy on their mind and to discover their needs.


We recommend solutions and outline a timeframe for completion.


Through an Engagement Letter, we clarify which services will be provided, associated fees, and timeframe to move forward.

Get started with a 15 minute consultation.

I work with business owners whose books are typically in disarray, they don’t have a written plan, and they don’t know who to talk with to figure this out. What I do is consult with clients to get their books in order, create a written plan, and listen to what ‘s keeping them up at night. This helps clients become more confident in decision-making which leads to increased profits and optimum enjoyment in running their business.

—Nita Black

Nita Black - Business Strategist

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