Meet Nita

“God’s Grace is sufficient. I have had people tell me ‘you’re like a cat with nine lives.’ I just seem to keep landing on my feet, thank goodness! Nelson Mandela puts it very nicely… so let’s agree to focus on the times we got back up again.

I am a Business Strategist and enjoy working with start-ups and all stages of businesses. I also help organize things (including a budget), clean up stuff (like filing past year tax returns or setting up QuickBooks), and identify growth strategies (including research on who your best clients are, who your competitors are, and what you have that adds value). I have served in volunteer roles in the Memphis community and often find myself spread way too thin. I like to be doing something worthwhile. What about you?

Things I enjoy doing include helping the homeless by serving as transportation volunteer for Jacob’s Well UMC or writing grants for SHIELD Inc. and building my business by networking through Business Network International (BNI). I serve as Secretary on the board of the Lisieux Community which provides support and education for women surviving prostitution and addiction.

My degree is a BBA with a major in Accounting from the University of Memphis. My minor was in piano and music. With three beautiful daughters – Jenny, Chellye, and Angie – and seven grandchildren, my cup runneth over!”

Nita’s For-Profit Hat:

Nita is a Business Strategist at Hylander CPA Firm PLLC in Collierville, TN. She is responsible for business development and provides consulting services for small businesses and non-profits in the areas of budgeting and business planning. She also works with women-owned and minority-owned businesses to assist them in obtaining local, state, and federal certifications for women and minorities to improve access to contracts.

Non-Profit Hat(s):

Jobs Hatchery, Inc. is a non-profit corporation formed by Nita to assist individuals in job transition and, in some cases, assist individuals in starting or building a small business. Job Hatchery manages a micro loan fund which is used to help fund businesses that create new jobs in the Memphis and Shelby County area. Nita is also in collaboration with SHIELD, Inc., a non-profit serving disadvantaged individuals by providing housing and supportive services. Job Hatchery and SHIELD, as of 2016, have applied for a local grant to establish a Jobs Program that will provide micro loans and technical assistance services. The purpose of this program is to create new jobs in women-owned businesses that are located in the Memphis, TN Metroplitan Statistical Area (Memphis MSA).

Other volunteer roles include: