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Nita Black works with you  to help you maximize your profit or get your business ready to sell.

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Growing and sustaining a business is incredibly difficult to do.

  • 50% of businesses fail within the first five years.
  • 80% of businesses that fail don’t have a written business plan.
  • Many owners don’t know what’s really happening in their businesses financially.
  • Most business owners don’t understand their numbers or how to use financial data to grow.
  • Most business owners feel alone and don’t have a Trusted Business Expert to talk to.
  • Most business owners are challenged by limited cash flow and lack of profit.

Adding structure to a creative business will help you monetize your idea more quickly and effectively. AND keep doing what you love to do. Please download our complimentary Spreadsheet5-Step CashMaker Model and get started today!

You never make enough to meet your needs.

Your finances are out of control and you don't know how much you actually have...

You want to sell your business in 5 years, but don't have it ready.

Business Strategist Nita Black Will Help You Succeed

During 15 years of her 30+ year career in banking, Nita worked in both pre and post-bankruptcy situations where she gained an extensive grass-roots business knowledge that is hard to find in other business strategists.  Her hands on experience equipped her with the knowledge of what does work and what does not work for business.  She has taken that information and used it to grow her own business, and then the businesses of others.  

In banking, she worked with privately-owned companies typically with up to $50 million in annual sales.  As a client relationship manager, she structured financing for her clients as well as recommended cash management strategies and bank products to help maximize their cash flow and minimize costs.  As a workout specialist, Nita customized strategies with clients to reduce debt in a cost-efficient and timely manner.

How to Work With Nita

Schedule a Call

Nita will assess your business needs.

Implement the Plan

Create an implement a plan to grow your business.

Enjoy Your Success

You will enjoy your time as a successful business owner!

Business Owners Nita Has Helped Thrive

Nita has been my business advisor for several years.  Right from the start she helped me create a business plan that steered my business into an efficient and, ultimately, profitable direction.  Whenever challenges arise, even if they are minor, Nita is usually the first person I call to brainstorm through them.  I’m so glad to have her as a resource and would happily recommend her.

Shannon H.

Nita removes the fear and confusion often associated with learning complex business concepts. Because she knows what bankers want and why, Nita’s “business plan in a day” seminar series is a must-do for anyone starting a business, planning to apply for a loan, or needing strategic business consulting.

– Shelley B.

Nita helped me set clear financial goals for my photography business. She is very understanding of small businesses and her advice helped me set new goals for the coming year. Thank you!

– Lisa B.

Nita took on what I considered to be an overwhelming task, broke it into manageable pieces, and shepherded me across the finish line. Don’t tell her this, but she didn’t charge me nearly enough for what she did! 😉

–Bruce R.