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Are you a business owner with lots of ideas but your head is spinning? Do you feel like you’re stuck in the middle of an eight-lane freeway? This is stressful and absorbs a lot of energy, time, and brain cells.

Here is a 3-step roadmap to help you move forward so that you enjoy what you are doing and know where you are headed.

1. Choose your services/products wisely. What is it that you love to do? What makes you jump out of bed every day because you just can’t wait to start the day? For some of us, there are many things that we enjoy doing. For your business, pick one core offer from which to build a service/product line. Your offer should be something you believe in AND your research shows people want it. Step 1 is to figure out what your main lane is, rather than trying to initially drive your business down an eight-lane freeway going nowhere.

2. Assess your 3 E’s. Expertise, experience, and education. What do you do that you are really good at, have the expertise and experience in doing it, and have the education for it? You want to be the very best you can be so your offer should line up with what you are good at and do well. This is likely something you really enjoy doing and matches well with Step 1 above. With focus on your 3 E’s your customers will buy from you because they know, like and trust you, because of who you are.

3. Answer the question – Who will pay me? Who is your ideal client, the individual or business your offer can help, the individual or business who wants your offer and is willing to/able to pay for it? If your choice in this Step 3 is an individual, also figure out a strategy to sell “in bulk”. An example for selling in bulk is someone like Holiday Ham which is a walk-in restaurant serving individual lunches for consumers (B2C). They also fill orders for 25+ or more lunch boxes at a time for small businesses nearby (B2B) to provide to employees and clients. Having a B2C and B2B growth strategy is critical to your revenue model. Step 3 is to identify your ideal client. This is someone who will pay for what you love to do (Step 1) and that you do well (Step 2).

You may have a process that works for you so please share this with us. As a small business owner, you can use this 3-step roadmap by focusing on your main lane and then expanding with more lanes as your business grows.

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July 4, 2021 – Busy multi-lane freeways and overpass in San Diego, aerial view