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An IT Consultant Can Be Your Best Friend

Co-authored by Nita Black and Paula Milner

With so many people working from home these days and not having your own personal geek close by, having someone to call is important.  Meet our IT expert, Shannon Honadle, who can show you how to fix anything computer.   

IT consulting may be more necessary now than at any other time in computer history.   Shannon Honadle, the Founder of, started her business in 2007.  She has a long-time passion for computers and teaching others all about new tools and ways to enjoy technology and get the job done.

Due to the Pandemic, onsite client visits have been greatly reduced resulting in more of an emphasis on remote support.  Shannon has developed several new ways she works with clients to keep their equipment in good working order.  She is now offering a monthly maintenance plan for clients so that they are included on a set maintenance schedule.  This helps minimize surprises when she needs to work on their system or when the client needs to depend on their system to operate their business efficiently. is a one woman show, having worked solo from the start.  However, during the past twelve months Shannon has been successful in partnering with a local computer store as well as being able to sell Office 365 accounts.  Honadle can access new and refurbished computers requested by clients.  Due to price volatility during the Pandemic, the company watches for the best time to order computers at the lowest cost while accessing quality hardware and software chosen by clients.  Soon, Honadle will introduce a new podcast with a tech slant using an educational and enthusiastic theme for clients to enjoy.  Part of Shannon’s job is listening to client needs or just what’s going on in their business and keeping them happy.  Many clients have been heavily impacted by the Pandemic so it’s important for Honadle to be considered one of their best friends to ease client anxiety.    

If you have questions and/or are not completely tech-savvy and need help, please contact Shannon Honadle to confirm a date to get your computer system checked out so that it will be  reliable when you need it.

We hope you enjoyed this blog – co-written by Nita Black with and Paula Milner with Kelem VA

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